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The Slacker's Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup

on November 21, 2012

We know, we know, most of you probably have half of your Thanksgiving already prepared by today, let alone your menu finalized and prepared for. You probably made lists and timelines and prepared for months in advance for the big feast.

And that’s cool. If that’s your thing. But mostly, we kind of procrastinate. Ok, I (Heather) mostly always procrastinate. If Melissa made a Thanksgiving feast, she would most surely be a planner and list maker. But, neither of us are going to be hosting Thanksgiving this year, so we are procrastinators. Sorry. 

We know that our fellow procrastinators are out there, just scouring the recipe round-ups, looking for that last minute something. And we love you for that. And because we love you, we rounded up some of our own past recipes that would be a perfect addition to your Thanksgiving menu. All of these are pretty easy to throw together, but will taste like you spent hours in the kitchen.

Apple Pie Baked Oatmeal – Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, even on Thanksgiving. You’ve got to keep your energy up, cooking and hosting. So make this the night before, throw it in the oven in the morning while you are prepping other things, and you have a very easy, filling, and most importantly, delicious breakfast to get you through the day. Win.

Baked Pumpkin French Toast – Yet another throw in the fridge overnight, bake in the morning, enjoy. This french toast is totally wonderful. I mean, it has a streusel. Anything that has the word streusel in it, is automatically grounds for making and devouring. Start your cheat day off the right way, friends.

Deviled Eggs – You guys know us. We are Southern girls. And we’ve said it before, if you are southern and you are having a get together, which is defined as any occasion in which 5 or more people are involved, then you need deviled eggs. Enough said.

You Look Like Cap’n Crunch Sweet Potato Casserole – This sweet potato casserole is a huge hit at our Thanksgiving. My (Heather) mom requests it throughout the year, especially at Thanksgiving. We adapted the recipe for a challenge to make a Cap’n Crunch topping, which my husband now prefers, but you could top it with marshmallows or the original recipe called for a pecan/brown sugar topping. Whichever is your thing. Do you.

Roasted Broccoli – AKA the best broccoli of your life. This broccoli is so delicious and really should be a player on your Thanksgiving table. You won’t regret it. Trust.

Sixty-Minute Dinner Rolls – Dinner rolls. In 60 minutes. That taste like regular rolls that take forever to rise and rise and rise again. What else do we need to say?

Brown-Sugar Buttermilk Pie – This pie. I (Heather) have been waiting since last year for a reason to make this pie. And the reason has come. Tomorrow, I will be throwing this together and trying hard not to eat it before Thursday. You should do the same. It puts pumpkin and pecan pie to shame.

So that’s it. That’s all we got. Next year, we will be on top of things. Maybe. Probably.

Happy Thanksgiving all! Enjoy it with family and friends! Reflect on all of the things in our lives that the Lord has given us, and count your blessings, because they are great!

Oh give thanks to the LORD, call upon His name; Make known His deeds among the peoples. -1 Chronicles 16:8

-Heather and Melissa



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