Kids in the Sink

How to Cut an Avocado (Tutorial)

on October 18, 2012

Friends, we have a bit of housekeeping to make you aware of.  You guys know that Heather moved a couple weeks ago.  Maybe you don’t know that I, Melissa, am not the photographer.  Maybe you don’t know that but really, you should, because I’m bad.  Like beyond bad.  Heather says I should start trying to just play around with it a little bit.  Honestly, though, I really don’t think that’s fair to you, our poor readers.  I mean, really! You’ve gotten so used to the sweet stylings of photography that my best friend is responsible for and it really wouldn’t be fair to subject to you to the amateur garbage that would come out of my cheapo little camera.  So that’s kind of a problem, right? Since she lives an hour and a half away, that’s going to definitely make running a blog together more complicated.  But dudes, we’re dedicated.  We’re so dedicated.  Wanna hear another kind of tricky part of this? Heather doesn’t, as of yet, have the internet at her house.  Eeek! Don’t worry, though, friends.  We’ve prepared.  Kind of.  We prepared a few tutorials and things such as the other day’s coffee ice cube milky drink thingy.

Mostly we just wanted to keep you abreast of the situation and assure you that we’re so appreciative of your patience.  We love you and we feel so blessed that you read our blog!  Although things might be a little different around here for a bit, until we can get into the flow of things again, we’re still here and we hope that you’ll stick around, too.  God is doing big things with Kids in the Sink and we’re not quite willing to let go of that just because things are a little more difficult now.  We’re going to get it together!

Now, for the tutorial.  Avocados are another one of those things that I had never tried until I had babies.  Now? I love them! My kids eat them daily, so I’ve gotten pretty skilled at cutting them.

First, you must know that there’s a giant pit in the middle of this super food.  That’s why cutting it is kind of tricky.  Take the knife and slice into the skin until you feel the pit, then slide the knife around the pit all the way around until you have cut the avocado all the way around.  Then, take the avocado and twist until the two sides come apart.  One side will have the pit in it.  To remove the pit, just stick the tip of the knife inside the pit and pull until it comes free and discard.  Next, cut into the flesh four times one way and turn it around to cut four sides the other way, as the picture shows, to make cubes. Lastly, just take a large spoon and scoop the flesh out of the skin.  Now you have perfectly cubed avocados to enjoy any way you please!  Sorry there are so few pictures but hopefully you’ll get the point from what we have here.



2 responses to “How to Cut an Avocado (Tutorial)

  1. Lisa Burger says:

    Nice job ladies! I live in California, most avocados homeland 🙂 and still fiddle with getting the yummy part out! I love that we are sisters in Christ! I’ve been praying for the one of you who The Lord reconciled your marriage… He does answer prayers, praise Him for that!

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