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Officer of the Law

on August 22, 2012

So, folks, sorry this isn’t a recipe, but we have some great news!

Yesterday, we all went up to Wendell, NC to watch my husband officially swear in as a police officer! It was such an exciting day! We started out meeting some opposition, just a lot of little things going wrong, threatening to make us late, but we managed to arrive early and in good spirits. It’s a very small department and my husband was swearing in with one other new officer, making it a very small and rather informal occasion. But we couldn’t have been happier or more proud of him as he stood with his hand on the Bible, taking his oath to serve and protect. At least, I think that’s what he took an oath to do. I was a little busy trying to keep Ella from being so excited that her voice overpowered all the others speaking.

Anyways, as I watched my husband stand there, I was reminded of how tirelessly he has worked over the past 3 years for us. I spoke briefly about the things that have been going on with our family in our last Faith Friday, but he closed his skate shop, which had been a dream of his since he was very young, to pursue a career in law enforcement, all  because he wanted to make a stable life for his family. Don’t get me wrong, he WANTED to become a police officer, the Lord had put that desire heavy on his heart right before Pilot was born, but it was a big change to go from skateboarder to police officer. I watched my husband, looking handsome in his suit and tie, and I was reminded of all of the times we had tried and failed to find work and jobs, the humbling of ourselves to accept money from friends and family and even strangers, so that we could pay our bills, the pang of sadness in having to lose our own home, in having to give up the dream of my children having their own nursery carefully decorated by me, and move in with my parents, and the fear in raising one and then finding out we were having another, when we had little to no income. I watched my husband, bend over and sign his name on the dotted line, and every single thing was worth it. And I realized that all of those things, the house and nursery and toys and pretty things, those things don’t mean anything at all. They aren’t what is important. Our Lord, our God, our Father who provided for us every step of the way, used these past 3 years to build us and shape us into more humble, more gracious creatures. And as I stood there, watching my husband admire his badge, I was overcome with how glorious our Lord is, how faithful our Lord is, and I was thankful for the husband he had given me. The husband who worked and worked and seemingly failed and failed, but continued to get up, to make choices and sacrifices continuously and to look to the Lord for strength and guidance, and who, with the Lord’s direction, finally made it.

My husband, our daddy, we are proud of you. Good job, Officer Taylor.

Stay tuned for Faith Friday coming up with a dessert you won’t want to miss and Melissa’s turn to talk about changes!



One response to “Officer of the Law

  1. Congratulations! My husband is also a police officer. It’s great to watch them serve their community!

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