Kids in the Sink

Our Vacation!

on June 11, 2012

Did you guys think we had hit 100 posts and then quit?  Probably you did.  Have no fear, though, we did not quit.  We just went on vacation. We’ll be back to our usual posts later this week, but in the mean time, enjoy some shots from our vacations. You can clearly tell which of us is the photographer and has the great camera.  It isn’t Melissa.  Hope you guys had a blessed week, too!

-Heather and Melissa

We were on vacation…

At first, Pilot didn’t even want to get down to put a toe in the water. Ella and I walked back to our room to grab a few things and when we walked over the dunes, we saw that Pilot had already conquered his fear.

He loved jumping over the waves with daddy. He even started to go headfirst into them himself, swallowing ocean water and getting right back up again.

He also enjoyed having splash fights with daddy. The sun kept ducking behind the rain clouds, but that didn’t stop my boy from enjoying his first trip to the ocean.

I was so lucky to capture Ella’s first experience with the water. You can see in the first picture that she is content to sit and is quite unaware of the breakwater creeping up behind her. The second picture is reaction immediately after it swells around her. Priceless.

Pilot loved the water, splashing near the shoreline and playing farther out. He continued to ask for the ocean for days afterwards and I think we will have to make several day trips this summer when the weather is nice and will afford us more time spent playing in the warm sunshine.

It wasn’t long before Ella joined in the play. She loved kicking her little roly poly legs and splashing the water around. As it came up around her, she would get so excited and start flailing her arms and legs.

She also really loved the wind blowing in her face. Does anyone else have kids who always stick their tongues out when the wind hits their face?

Our little beach trip was short, but we had a blast. I loved watching my babies see their first view of the ocean and seeing them go from scared and confused to not wanting to leave the water! I’m sure this was only the first of many beach trips to come!

On to Melissa’s vacation…

This is my attempt at a family shot but neither of my kids will smile at the same time so, here we are. At least we’ve got two out of three smiling here!

Kale’s thinking : Ok, so, wait… what’s going on here?

Oh, ok! It’s water! Riiiiiiiight… He LOVED it, whether or not his expression here appears like it or not. He was fearless (which is um, scary) and would put his head right into those waves as they came.  It was all a big adventure for him.  This was his first time ever in the ocean and really counts as his first trip since he was about 3 months old when we came last year.

This wasn’t Bailey’s first time but I can safely say that this was the first time she really enjoyed herself in the sand and ocean.  When she was a little smaller, she didn’t even want to touch the sand and the water only minimally interested her.  This time, though, she had a blast! She looks a little goofy here but that’s her excited face!

I had such a great time hanging out with my babies at the beach.  Seeing them smiling and splashing in the water was fantastic.   It was a mini vacation but it was great!


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