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Faith Friday + Our 100th Post!

on June 1, 2012

Big news, friends! This is our 100th blog post!

We are so excited at how this little blog has flourished in the last 7  months! When we started this blog, we thought we might have a few friends read every now and then, but we never imagined that we would have over 45,000 hits to date since November 6, 2011, when we posted our first, really BAD, blog post. I(Heather) can’t even look at those pictures. I shudder. I really protested to even LINKING that!

At the start of this blog, I(Heather) was very much focused on the photography aspect, and it became a goal to get onto food porn sites, like Tastespotting and Foodgawker. And we finally did! Our first photo to be accepted was our Brown Sugar Buttermilk Pie, onto Tastespotting, and we were so excited! Foodgawker took a little longer, but we finally made it onto that site with our Dessert Scones.

Although it is exciting to have our photos published and bringing more traffic, we quickly began to realize that we wanted more for our blog. We wanted to use our blog to bring glory to God; to spread His word, offer encouragement, and plant seeds. And thus, Faith Friday was born.

Our first Faith Friday post was our Oatmeal Cream Pies. It absolutely blows our mind that our first Faith Friday post STILL gets us the most hits, even today! It was with our Oatmeal Cream Pies that we got the genius idea to pin our own things on Pinterest, and after that, the hits kept coming! And they were almost all centered around our Faith Friday posts, specifically our very first one. We really began to see that maybe God was at work here. Maybe we were doing exactly what He wanted, spreading His word in our own way, and playing on the strengths He has given to us.

We each have lives outside of this blog. We each have things going on that are hard to deal with, let alone blog about. But to know that God is in this blog, is working through this blog, gives us the drive to continue. To keep posting and taking pictures and making recipes. Sometimes it is hard and time seems to be something we can not EVER get enough of, but somehow, each week, we come together doing what we love and share it with you.

We are forever grateful for all of the support and all of our readers. We have readers in Brunei Darussalam, even! Is that even a place!? Even so, we’re thankful for you, too. We are amazed at the ways in which God has worked through us and through this blog. As we try to encourage our readers, we have been encouraged ourselves. By the revelations God gives us while writing, by the comments left by our readers, telling us that we made one small difference in someone’s day. We hope that we can continue this blog and watch it grow to God’s glory for many more months, years even, to come. Thank you, dear readers, from the bottom of our hearts.

-Heather and Melissa



One response to “Faith Friday + Our 100th Post!

  1. tara1215 says:

    So proud of y’all!!! Lots of love from Aubrey and I. And faith Fridays are my favorite post 😉

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