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Our Garden – The Beginning

on May 17, 2012

When I say “our” garden, I use the term loosely. Really, it’s Melissa’s garden.

It’s at her house and she takes care of it and I come over every day and look at the new growth and take pictures.

Sometimes, I watch the kids while she works in the garden. And sometimes, I promptly stop watching the kids and leave them to fend for themselves after getting attacked by two, count ’em, TWO spiders. But that is a story for another day.

Anyways, I watch the garden and take pictures and one day I will enjoy eating the fruits (and veggies) of her labor.

We have both always wanted a garden and I don’t have the means to grow anything this year, but Melissa decided to take the plunge.

We are excited to see how things grow and blossom. We’ve attempted to grow basil and chives in tiny pots, with not much success.So a garden is kind of a big adventure.

So far, so good! These pictures were taken about a month ago, shortly after we planted. We were late in posting because we weren’t sure if things would grow or not 🙂 But they did and they are and it’s great! Stay tuned for more garden updates and maybe one of you genius readers can help us with a garden problem we’re having!


2 responses to “Our Garden – The Beginning

  1. Your garden looks great and I love the sign!!

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