Kids in the Sink

Bailey's Third Birthday Party

on March 12, 2012

Recently at our small group at church, we were told to think about and ask God what He was thinking the day He made us; the intentions He had for us. That was an easy one for me.  I have known since I was a very young kid God’s purpose for me.  He revealed it to me early. I was made to have babies.  I was made to be a mommy.

I’m so thankful for the job God has given me and am proud (and a little sad) to say that my little girl, my first baby, is 3 years old today.  On March 12, 2009, my Bailey Love was born.  And then I blinked and she turned 3.  I’m going to try really hard to stop that pesky habit of blinking so that she doesn’t turn 17 and go off to college.  But anyway… we had a birthday party this weekend for my newly 3 year old little girl and it was Dora themed!

We made these yummy funfetti cupcakes for the guests and a “smash cake” for her. I know that’s a one year old thing to do but I’m a desperate woman trying to hold on to my child’s babyhood.  She asked for a fork for her smash cake and ate a few bites of it before moving on to something new.  I may or may not have eaten most of the rest of it on my own.  Don’t judge me.  I was drowning my sorrows.

We made our signature punch that we first made at my baby shower when I was pregnant with Bailey.  How appropriate, right?! We’ve had it at every single other occasion since then.  Birthday party? Let’s have punch! Baby shower? The punch! It is full of processed junk that pretty much goes against everything we stand for but sometimes you have to indulge in deliciousness.

For sweets, we made salted caramel shortbread bars, star shaped cookies, and our favorite chocolate brownies.  You see, we generally take any occasion we can to make all our favorite foods.  We also made homemade salsa, my guacamole, chicken and cheese quesadillas, and taco dip for savory foods but we forgot to take a picture of that stuff before all the people got to it. Oops!

Look at this awesome Dora castle Heather built out of our Dora Mega Blocks.  Just like Pilot’s second birthday party, we mainly decorated using things we already had that were Dora themed.

We use books and toys around the table and windows for some extra decorations.  This is a cost-effective way to do any birthday party and if you’re doing a themed party, you likely have toys with that theme already lying around your house.

Here’s my birthday girl with her cake! She blew out her candle like a big girl and was pretty excited to have Boots and Dora flags on her cake.  Thankfully, “Swiper the Box” was not invited to this party.

Here’s that Pilot boy enjoying his funfetti cupcake.  He really got into it, as you can see.

Our little Ella bella was enjoying herself at the party too.  She couldn’t eat any food so we let her snack on a Little People Cow.

Ahhh, another blurry shot.  The infants who are quickly growing out of infancy are so fast now that it’s hard to get a picture that isn’t blurry.  Kale was sporting his Carolina gear because the party just happened to be while the Carolina vs NC State game was on, which we won by the way.  Go Heels!

It was a great day and we were so happy to celebrate with a lot of our friends and family.



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