Kids in the Sink

Pilot's Second Birthday Party

on January 24, 2012

Well, something has happened to my sweet, baby boy. He’s growing up. I don’t know when it started. It seems like just yesterday I was anxiously awaiting his arrival into this world and holding him for the first time. And now, now he runs and plays and jumps and throws tantrums is perfect.

The past 2 years of my life have been incredible and I can’t wait to continue to watch him grow and learn. I realized on January 21, 2010 that any purpose I thought I had for my life was wrong. I realized I was put on this earth to be a mother. And looking into the face of my son for the first time changed me in so many ways. Witnessing the miracle of his birth and his miraculous healing after being told he had meningitis at two days old has brought me closer to the Lord and reminded me of His awesome power and faithfulness.

Now, onto the party! Pilot has been into Sesame Street for some time now and although he is slowly growing out of it, I wanted to hold on to his childish love of Elmo one more time and throw him a Sesame Street party. We did all of the decorations ourselves. We were on a tight budget for this party so we made everything ourselves and used toys we had around the house for decorations.

I got the idea for the cake and cupcakes from Annie’s Eats, when she celebrated her son’s third birthday. Pilot really liked them. Except for Big Bird. He was “skeered of my Big Bird!”.

My favorite is Cookie Monster. I love his crazy eyes!

Pilot has always liked Elmo the best. There is just something about that cute, furry, little red monster that kids go crazy for.

We had a cookie tray with homemade Oatmeal Cream Pies (recipe to come!), Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Iced Sugar Cookies. We couldn’t keep this tray filled! The cookies were a  hit and were gone before we knew it! But not before I had snagged a few for myself.

We had all sorts of fun, kid-friendly foods, like this Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip with homemade Chocolate Graham Crackers.

We also had a veggie tray with homemade ABC Cheese Crackers. These were Melissa’s favorite! So adorable! And they fit right in with the ABC and 123 theme of Sesame Street.

The birthday boy really loved his cake! We tried to get him to dive in like he did at his first birthday party, but he is older and more mature now. Only a fork would do for this prince. And, of course, Daddy needed to feed him the cake.

We had so many visitors! Aunt Melissa, the other half of Kids in the Sink, was there with Pilot’s best guy, Kale.

Pilot’s best friend, Bailey, had a lot of fun too!

And, of course, his best girl, little sister Ella really enjoyed watching all the goings on of the party.

After all was said and done and the guests had left, all he needed was a good snuggle with Mommy. I love this little boy more than any words could express! Happy 2nd Birthday Pilot!



2 responses to “Pilot's Second Birthday Party

  1. lovely cakes and cookies! must be a great party!

  2. […] at this awesome Dora castle Heather built out of our Dora Mega Blocks.  Just like Pilot’s second birthday party, we mainly decorated using things we already had that were Dora […]

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