Kids in the Sink


on November 6, 2011

Welcome everyone! This blog is intended to document the culinary creations of Heather and Melissa. We are mommies, chefs, bakers, decorator (Singular. Melissa has no creative talent.).

We have wanted to start a blog together for a while. When we get together in the kitchen, we make magic happen. Not that we believe in magic because we love Jesus. But if we did, what we make happen in the kitchen could definitely be classified as magic.

We really hope to keep this blog up. Based on past behavior, the odds aren’t very good for that. But we are open to change.

Fact: We tried out a mommies group once. We went to one meeting. We had the best intentions. We never went back.

Fact: We tried out a group that mentored teenage mothers. We went to one meeting. Again, we had the best intentions. And again, we never went back.

Fact: We tried out a group that catered to the homeless in our community. Twice. Once, we went out for Chinese food instead. The second time, we walked past the door, decided it was too intimidating to actually walk in, and we left. We never went back.

Fact: We DID complete a women’s group studying a book called Captivating. It was not a good book. It was far too cheesy. Melissa finished the book. Heather did not.

So together, we have a history of starting things and not finishing them. We have such good intentions. We really do. But then life happens. And babies happen. And our neurotic social anxieties happen. But through all that, we continue to cook and bake and make wonderfully delicious things. So with that constant, we will work together to try to bring you all of our fun adventures in the kitchen! Get ready for awesomeness.

-Heather and Melissa


2 responses to “Welcome!

  1. Kim says:

    You can do it! Youve been consistant with baking with each other so this will be a cinch! Congrats! Cant wait to see what else comes!

  2. Sheila says:

    Ok , girls show us what ya got !!! Lookkng forward to the blogs . Love

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